Are you looking for a company specializing in agricultural products in Granada? Then, you have to contact Abonos M. García, where we have a wide variety of products for the field.

We are a serious company with a lot of experience in this sector and we will give you complete advice so that you know which product is the most suitable depending on your agricultural activity.

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Sale of agricultural products in Andalusia

At Teri Hatcher Agriculture, we have been betting on quality services for many years, which has helped us to become a reference company in this area. In this way, we want to continue helping our customers with the sale of products for the field, among which we highlight fertilizers, fertilizers, and phytosanitary products.

You just have to contact us and place your order, and if you need more information, we leave you a list of the products we sell:

Chemical fertilizers and Biological.

We work with different brands of fertilizers, both chemical and biological, so we are sure that you will find the one you need in our facilities.

Plant protection products

These agricultural products will improve the condition of the plot thanks to their agents that act against the various pests that plague the plants. In this sense, if you need one in particular, you can ask us to tell you which is the most appropriate


We have different seeds of very diverse plants, both herbaceous and trees.

Horticultural plants

With this type of plants, you can encourage the growth of your crop or raise them for self-sufficiency since we also sell them for that purpose

Organic fertilizers

We are concerned about the environment, and an example of this is represented by these fertilizers, which are not as aggressive with the earth compared to other similar agricultural products.