Sweet Potatoes Producer in Sevilla

Parallel to the cultivation of sweet potatoes and pumpkins, 6 years ago, we immersed ourselves in this new project. For its despeño, we use about 60 hectares. Our professional team of technicians selects the best varieties and the best farms to be able to supply a product of the highest quality to our customers.

We also have a modern line installed in our warehouses in Arahal, in Seville, for cleaning and calibration of the product.

On the other hand, we have made investments in healing chambers in order to have the best possible product to offer our customers.

20190211-OSEC-LSC-0201 | Harvested sweet potatoes seen by U.… | Flickr

Sweet potatoes, in addition to being a product with a wonderful flavor and being very versatile in terms of cuisine, have multiple nutritional properties. They are a good source of vitamins C and A which are powerful antioxidants, sweet potato is a good helper to regulate blood pressure, It is rich in fiber, rich in potassium. It is easy to assimilate, even by people with intestinal diseases.

The way to package this product is big bags of approximately 1,000 kilos and cardboard or plastic boxes of 6 kilos.

However, according to the specifications of each client, the containers can be changed to adjust to their needs.