Phytosanitary products in Granada

Are you looking for phytosanitary products in the Granada area? In Teri Hatcher Agriculture we can help you since we are one of the best seed and fertilizer companies in the whole province. We have been in the sector for many years, which has helped us to consolidate ourselves as one of the best options for both private and business customers. Do you want to know more about our products?

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Phytosanitary products for agriculture

We know that crops must have quality products so that food comes out with guarantees. In this way, in our company, we only sell phytosanitary products for first-level agriculture, which stand out for having passed demanding quality controls with which we guarantee, more if possible, that they are products that can be trusted.

In addition, in our company you can buy other products for the field:

  • We have a wide variety of seeds so you can grow whatever you want. We adapt to your needs and advise you so that you can take just the seeds you need. Therefore, we encourage you to stop by our facilities and take the amount you like. In addition, we will tell you the planting time and how you should place the seeds so that the food is perfect once the plant germinates.
  • Horticultural plants. We sell horticultural plants, which are those that are used as food. We have different types such as carrots, lettuce or pepper, and tomato. Come by and we will advise you.
  • Ecological fertilizers. By working with the countryside, we know how important land is to the rest of society. This is where it all starts and that is why we sell organic fertilizers with which we show our respect for the environment. You can buy them in our establishment in Granada and, if you have any questions, ask without obligation.