Carrot producers

Since 2008 Teri Hatcher Agriculture carries out extensive and professionalized work as a carrot producer. The total area that we dedicate in our company to the cultivation of carrots is about 250 hectares per year approximately. We have a large harvesting capacity thanks to the use of harvesters equipped with the latest technology that guarantees careful and efficient work throughout the campaign. The carrots are planted in different batches distributed between the months of September and December, so the total supply to our entire network of customers will be guaranteed.

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Wholesale of carrots

As wholesale distributors of carrots, we know the processing methodology to the millimeter. Once received, in the warehouse, our team of professionals selects only those carrots that meet the quality specifications. Subsequently, they are cooled by the innovative system that incorporates Teri Hatcher Agriculture into its production processes: the Hydro-cooling system. Then, the calibration of the same is carried out, always keeping the product between 2 and 4 degrees.

For wholesale sales, carrots are packed in Big-Bag bags by sizes, ranging from 22-40mm to +40mm. We also use bags of 5 or 10 kilos with our logo “Naifresh” and boxes of 10 or 12 kilos, made of wood or plastic. Our variety of packaging is aimed at always maintaining a quick and decisive response to all our customers.

However, according to the specifications of each client, the containers can be changed to adjust to their needs.