More than a decade as table beetroot growers

Beetroot, Rode biet | ekenitr | Flickr

Our company has been dedicated to the cultivation of beetroot for a whole decade, positioning itself as a national and international reference. Our farms are distributed by different municipalities in the province of Seville and the sowing is done in a staggered way in different lots that extend from mid-October to January, in which around 60 hectares are used. Given the staggering at the time of sowing, we managed to have a harvest that extends from the month of April to the end of June.

For this performance, a Grimme machine is used, specifically the self-propelled 150-60 model, extremely maneuverable both on small surfaces and on large terrains. In addition, we have a fully qualified staff for the handling of these machines and are perfectly knowledgeable about the treatment of beet, which places us as a consolidated company in the sector.

Beet distributors

Once the product is harvested, it arrives at our facilities where our calibration tape will separate it according to gauges, which can be <50, 50-60, 60-80, 80-100, or>100 mm. And where a team of qualified people is also responsible for selecting only the best product received from the field that meets our quality specifications and of course those of our customers.

As for packaging, the most used by our customers is the Big-bag container, with a capacity of approximately 1,000 kilos in each bag. In addition, we can also pack in boxes of 6-10-12 kilos, cardboard wood, plastic, and/or packages of 2-3 units with shrink film.

Beetroot is a very energetic vegetable, rich in sugars, vitamins B and C, potassium, and carotenes. It is a good remedy to improve liver function and cases of anemia thanks to its high iron content.