As specialists in the sale of fertilizers, agricultural products, phytosanitary, seeds, and horticultural plants in Granada, from the company Abonos M. García, we are at your total disposal. We are a serious company with a lot of experience in the sector and we only work with top-level brands.

Chemical and biological fertilizers

You can ask us about the different fertilizers we have and we will tell you how and when to use them at each moment of the crop.

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Plant protection products

We work with all brands of phytosanitary products to ensure that our customers’ crops grow in the best way. We have Technical Advice at your disposal.

Horticultural plants and seeds

We have a wide variety of horticultural plants, as well as different seeds.

Organic fertilizers

We care about the environment, we sell special fertilizers that are very respectful of nature. We are a collection center for SIGFITO containers.

At Teri Hatcher Agriculture, we offer competitive prices and we are always in constant training to ensure that our customers can buy the best at all times.