Plant Avocado to Bear Fruit

Persea americana, known as avocado, avocado, or avocado is a fruit and vegetable at the same time. The avocado tree is an evergreen plant and has an origin native to the tropical and subtropical areas of Central America. The trees can reach a height of about 20 meters, and do not begin to bear fruit before four or seven years of age. The best season to consume avocado is from September to May.

How to Plant Avocado

The ideal period to plant AVOCADO trees is in the spring season, although this process can be extended from February to October, avoiding the days of maximum temperatures.

Next, we explain step by step the process of planting the avocado:

  1. Preparation of the ground

We start with the preparation of the ground by giving a deep subsoil plow pass. Subsequently, on land without slopes or with shallow slopes, it is recommended to break the thick structure of the soil left by the passage of the subsoil plow with one or two harrowing passes.

To improve deficient levels, an analysis of soil and water to be used in irrigation should be made and provide a background fertilizer.

Finally, ridges should be made to keep the roots of the trees aerated.

  1. Marking of the terrain

The position that the trees will have in the way that is considered most appropriate (theodolite, square… etc). The position can be driven by the tutors (15m high) that we will use to support the formation of trees in the first years of life. In the case of not having put the main irrigation pipes, this would be the right time to do so.

  1. Avocado Plantation

At the time of planting the avocado, it is not recommended to apply any type of fertilizer, since the plant suffers great stress at this time, and this could harm it.

Make the holes by hand, with suitable hand tools, or with mini excavators. It is not recommended to make mechanical augers, since they leave the hole almost closed for the roots and it would take a long time for them to grow.

To prevent neck rot or stress on the roots, the plant will be placed in the hole so that the ground level is at the same level as the nursery substrate. The root ball has to be well surrounded by soil without leaving it empty, but without squeezing the earth. It is very important that the root ball does not protrude from the height of the ground, but it should not be buried until it covers the avocado graft.

You should cover the bark of young trees, put a specific mesh or paint the trunk and branches with appropriate white paint.

*Water immediately after planting.

Avocado Care

The application of fertilizers and fertilizers of the trees will be carried out by fertigation and will begin 15 days after planting. The first months of caring for the tree after planting are critical, it is very important to control the water level in the soil. It is advisable to use tensiometers to manage avocado irrigation, since small trees are very delicate to the lack of moisture, being equally harmful to excess water.