How To Make Your Dog Not Bite Things? Follow These 4 Tips

That a dog biting objects and furniture is an unwanted behavior that hinders coexistence and deteriorates the relationship between the dog and its owner. And is that both puppies and young adult dogs to bite objects or furniture of their owners, causing anger and unforeseen expenses.

Most people would want to be looking for Fully Trained Security Dogs for Sale. If you already have a German Shepherd and want to train him how not to chew on stuff, here are tips to help you.
How to prevent your dog from biting objects or furniture?

1)    Prevents you from accessing them

To prevent your dog from biting things, you can use a dog park or a carrier, if it is small or medium. But the key for your dog to lose or, better yet, not develop this habit, is to avoid possible mistakes: the most common, leave them within reach. The carrier or the park are interesting tools when you can’t keep an eye on your dog.
As your dog behaves better at home you can use the carrier or the park less, until you can leave your dog loose at home.

Of course, if your dog is going to stay locked up for a long time, make sure he has a way to entertain himself and, when you return, compensate him with a good walk.

2)    Channel your urge to nibble on toys and bones

There is a wide variety of toys to play with your dog, such as balls, dolls, or stuffed animals.
However, the best toys to prevent your dog from biting valuable objects are those specially designed to entertain him without your direct involvement.

Generally, interactive toys carry food inside (prizes) that channel your desire to nibble, reinforce your interest in doing so, and make you lose interest in other objects.

3)  Tire your dog

If your dog is tired, he will have a tendency to nibble less on your things or furniture.

There are many ways to tire your dog, depending on his characteristics and interests: you can take him to play with other dogs, take longer and more leisurely walks (allow him to sniff, relax them a lot), include him in your exercise routine, or throw him a ball.
The imagination here has no limits.

4)  Act appropriately if nibbling on an object or piece of furniture

The first thing to keep in mind is that, if a dog bites objects when it is not yet educated not to do so, the response is its owner. It is your responsibility not to leave objects within reach and put it in your carrier or dog park. Remember that if you can’t keep an eye on your dog, he has to be in the park or in the carrier.

If your dog picks up or nibbles on an object or piece of furniture, it is best to take a toy and barter with your dog (exchange the thing he is biting for a toy). When he starts nibbling on his toy, congratulate him calmly.
And if he gets very insistent, you can put him in his park or carrier for a while.


With these guidelines, you should ensure that your dog does not bite objects and is entertained with his toys and bones. Thus, you will save yourself from anger and other dislikes. You also won’t have to ruin yourself by replacing furniture or objects that your dog destroys.
All these tips are from Purebred German Shepherds in California.