Nike faced its first loss in the past 20 years

Nike’s sales in the North American market also showed a downward trend. In the first quarter and the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, its sales decreased by 3% and 5% respectively. In response, Nike said it was mainly influenced by the US tax reform act. The group tax rate reached 179.5% in the current season, while 13.8% in the 2017 fiscal year.

For the weakness of the North American market, Nike executives have said that the company is still concerned about the experience improvement and product scale expansion in this market.
According to previous data, last July, Nike announced that Nike had laid off 1400 people, accounting for 2% of its global staff, and Nike announced that the shoe style would be reduced by 25%. It is Disasters pile up on one another. veteran employees, Nike had also rushed to resign. Information shows that Trevor Edwards, the president of Nike for 25 years, Trevor Edwards, and global general manager Jamie Martin (Jayme Martin) dejected – Edwards was regarded as the next successor to Nike CEO Mark Parker (Mark Parker).
However, in stark contrast, Adidas’s performance has gone up.

According to Adidas’s earnings report, ADI’s 2017 earnings report showed that its global revenue increased by 16%, down 2 percentage points compared with the previous year. Net income increased by 32% to 1 billion 430 million euros. From a channel perspective, Adidas Group recorded double-digit growth in all distribution channels, especially in the electricity business channel, with an increase of 57%.

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