Nike publicly acknowledged its Mistake

Nike’s share price fell more than 5% on April 6th, due to the exposure of many details such as sex discrimination and mismanagement, and the sports giant realized that it was unable to sit down.

Monique Matheson (Monique Matheson), Nike’s human resources director, recently publicly acknowledged that the company’s personnel management has been flawed, especially in the recruitment and promotion of more women and ethnic minorities. Next, Nike will take measures to improve the proportion of these two groups in top management positions.

“We share the latest salary and the representative data of the first public vice president level. These results indicate that we need to accelerate the upgrading of the number of women and minorities in the leadership of the company, “Monique Ma Sen said in a statement.

Some former Nike employees describe the company culture as “Boys Club (men’s Club)”. The public information shows that although the proportion of male and female employees in Nike is quite similar, only 29% of the company’s hundreds of vice presidents are women. In the US headquarters, only 16% of the vice presidents are non white.

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