Nike’s marketing policy in China

Around the goal of increasing profit margins, Adidas headquarters in Germany has been doing quite a lot recently. It is expected that the Chinese market will be added again. According to its earnings report, in 2017, Adidas group Greater China earned 3 billion 789 million euros, an increase of 3 billion 10 million euros compared to 2016, the most 25.9% of all markets.

Kasper R rsted, the chief executive of Adidas group, said the potential of China’s market business is far more than the above growth. He thinks the population is four times China’s population and will have 16 times the potential for growth in the future. For now, the growth rate of China’s market is in a long-term, steady and high growth. The recent strength of products in the North American market is mainly due to the downturn of competitors, but from a historical perspective, it is not sustainable.

To this end, Adidas announced a new Asia Pacific market plan and its headquarters in Shanghai, and appointed Gao Jiali, the managing director of the Adidas group, as managing director of Adidas Asia Pacific region, leading the integrated Asia Pacific market and managing the Greater China, Japan, South Korea and the Southeast Asia / Pacific region.

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