Nike bought two companies in a month

Less than two weeks after buying the consumer data analysis firms Zodiac, Nike announced yesterday that it had taken the human scanning company Invertex, but Nike said the amount was not disclosed, but Nike said the acquisition of the company would help the brand better develop innovative products.

Last May, according to media news, Invertex announced the launch of a new foot 3D scanning software, FeetID Ecosystem, last May to solve the problem of customer experience differences in physical stores and online footwear products. Traditionally, if customers choose online shopping when they buy shoes, then it is impossible to try on them before placing the order, which may bring a high risk of return. FeetID Ecosystem takes terminal services to terminals, providing precise solutions through AI and 3D technology. Add digital technology supplement to the store, improve customer’s confidence and shopping conversion rate.

At the end of March, Nike announced the acquisition of Zodiac, and Nike group’s chief digital officer, Adam Sussman, said the deal meant that Nike would further accelerate the digital transformation and enhance data analysis capabilities to provide better services to global consumers.

In addition, it is reported that Nike will work closely with 40 retailers in the future, including retailer Foot Locker and Nordstrom, Amazon, luxury fashion shopping platform and 1 billion – month active users.

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