Why does Nike want to buy a technology company?

To put it simply, what Invertex does is to use 3D technology and AI technology to provide users with online scanning volume guide shopping. According to the data, the company was founded in 2014 and received a $2 million seed wheel financing in April 2017. The leader was the early fund OurCrowd First under the OurCrowd of the Jerusalem stock venture capital venture company. The international fashion retail group Permoda and some other famous angel investors were also involved in this round. Capital.

According to the founder of David Bleicher, the program is designed to help users get more comfortable shoes online. “Online consumption is very common, but shoes are usually less than 10%, and many people buy shoes on the Internet are not very beautiful, not fit, return is very troublesome.”

One important reason: Although there is a shoe code for reference, but the shoe code itself is not standardized, even if a particular brand, there will be two different 10 yards of shoes, even you will find that different types of shoes, different brands will make you doubtful of the number of your own. Therefore, Invertex is based on online modeling, so that we can recommend a suitable size for a pair of shoes to users.

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