Nike’s Gender Discrimination

In fact, April 10th is the annual Equal Pay Day in the United States, which means that women have to work on this day to catch up to a year’s wages for men.

In 2017, data from Fortune Magazine showed that in recent years, the salary of women increased. In the US dollar, the average salary of men and women was 1:0.82. The United States equal pay for Work Act came into effect in 1963, which accounted for 1:0.54. Although the pay gap between men and women is decreasing, the gap between 20% is still large.

Lean In, a public welfare organization, was founded by Facebook Sheryl, chief executive officer of Cheryl Sheryl, and is concerned about the development of global women. Including sports brand Reebok, taxi application Lyft and daily chemical giant cleaning company, a large number of enterprises participated in this year’s “20 Percent Counts” activities.

“Narrowing the gender income gap is the basic fairness,” said Cheryl Sandberg, the founder of Lean In. So this year, Lean In worked with big companies in more than 40 cities in the United States to raise a question to consumers – what would you do if you paid you less than 20% of the salary?

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