Nike is very active in AI

Nike, a sports shoe and apparel company, has heard from Israel that it has acquired a Invertex company specializing in 3D body scanning in Israel.

As a leading computer vision company, Invertex is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the acquisition should continue to strengthen the digital technology and talent reserves of Nike (Nike) so as to gain more valuable innovative ways for consumers.

In the future, the Invertex team will work to create breakthroughs and help Nike serve millions of members worldwide.

“The acquisition of Invertex will enhance Nike’s digital talent accumulation and enhance the ability of digital innovation. With the help of computer vision and AI, we will create the most noticeable consumer experience for us. Nike chief digital officer Adam Sussman said to the outside world.

David Bleicher, chief executive of Invertex, believes that the relationship between Nike and consumers, and the understanding of consumers, is incomparable, and Invertex will help Nike to improve its ability.

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