Nike launches 16 pairs of sport shoes to pay tribute to NBA

The NBA regular season is officially closed today. As the top eight teams in the East and West are down, the 16 teams will attack the champion cup, regardless of the probability.

On the way to the championship, a team needs to win 16 victories, and these 16 games consist of numerous or rapture or heartbreaking moments. Sports brand Nike recently launched a Champion Think 16 series containing 16 pairs of classic basketball shoes after finishing the NBA regular season.

According to Nike’s official website, the 16 pairs of shoes included 14 pairs of commemorative money, representing the classic moments of the 14 players, including Kobe, James, Durant, Dr. J and Ray Allen, and the glorious Air Force 270 “Gold Standard”, and the two pairs of special commemorative tennis shoes representing the championship. A mysterious shoe representing the championship this year.

It is undeniable that the fan economy plays an important role in the sale of basketball products, and the audience’s consumption of basketball shoes is largely related to the story behind it. Nike has a deep origin with NBA, especially its signing or once signed NBA stars, which also gives Nike enough material to be used in product creativity, design and marketing.

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