Nike Competition Data

To say what’s expected of basketball match today is the annual Nike summit. Nike will choose two teams from the United States each year and all over the world to make a fight. The game won’t be important. The key is that the players show themselves, especially the American high school students, if they play well in such a sponsor’s competition, and then enter a good university and then land NBA again. A logical thing is to sign up with Nike to become an endorsement star.

In order to attract the Chinese market, Nike will also look for some Chinese players to join the world team, such as Wang Zhizhi, Yi Jianlian and Guo Ailun, the young Chinese players. This year, the Chinese player who joined the world team is Zhang Zhenlin. Many fans do not know Zhang Zhenlin because he is not a traditional player in the system at all. Zhang Zhenlin was a two generation of balls. His mother was Wang Fang of the Liaoning basket center. He had a family background, so he did not enter the Liaoning youth team, but he was sent to the United States to study in the United States early in the family and to play the high school league in the United States.

Zhang Zhenlin was selected for the Nike summit because he had enough gimmicks: first of all Chinese, second to the high school team as a main player, and to help the team to win the state champion. Now he was choosing a university in the United States and third because his mother had some strength in this matter. In this game, Zhang Zhenlin went on for 9 minutes and got 0 points and 1 assists in 0 of 4 shots. The figures looked very hard, but it was better than some of the Chinese players before. At present, in the CBA Qingdao team, the former National Youth League scoring champion has only got 2 fouls and 1 mistakes in this game. At least, Zhang Zhenlin has a “positive data” such as the assists, which is surpassed by the predecessors.

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