Keeping strong is always Nike’s spirit

According to people familiar with the matter, two senior executives have been dismissal, behind which is the internal crisis of gender discrimination and improper personnel management in Nike group.

Mark Parker, who dismissed Nike’s global human resources executive vice president David Al (David Ayre) in July 2017, fired two executives including CEO successors in March this year, with a clear determination that the internal management of the giant enterprise needs to rival its turnover.

“We need to change,” in March 20th, only 5 days after the announcement of management changes, hundreds of employees listened to the company’s message on the topic at Tiger Woods Center at Nike headquarters.

In this activity, Nike has been advocacy for its male employees to maintain a more harmonious relationship with their female colleagues. The reason is simple, the Wall Street Journal said that Nike women employees not only did not enjoy equal pay for equal work, but one of the most important reasons for the two top executives to quit was that they were shielding women.

Nike faced its first loss in the past 20 years

Nike’s sales in the North American market also showed a downward trend. In the first quarter and the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, its sales decreased by 3% and 5% respectively. In response, Nike said it was mainly influenced by the US tax reform act. The group tax rate reached 179.5% in the current season, while 13.8% in the 2017 fiscal year.

For the weakness of the North American market, Nike executives have said that the company is still concerned about the experience improvement and product scale expansion in this market.
According to previous data, last July, Nike announced that Nike had laid off 1400 people, accounting for 2% of its global staff, and Nike announced that the shoe style would be reduced by 25%. It is Disasters pile up on one another. veteran employees, Nike had also rushed to resign. Information shows that Trevor Edwards, the president of Nike for 25 years, Trevor Edwards, and global general manager Jamie Martin (Jayme Martin) dejected – Edwards was regarded as the next successor to Nike CEO Mark Parker (Mark Parker).
However, in stark contrast, Adidas’s performance has gone up.

According to Adidas’s earnings report, ADI’s 2017 earnings report showed that its global revenue increased by 16%, down 2 percentage points compared with the previous year. Net income increased by 32% to 1 billion 430 million euros. From a channel perspective, Adidas Group recorded double-digit growth in all distribution channels, especially in the electricity business channel, with an increase of 57%.

Nike publicly acknowledged its Mistake

Nike’s share price fell more than 5% on April 6th, due to the exposure of many details such as sex discrimination and mismanagement, and the sports giant realized that it was unable to sit down.

Monique Matheson (Monique Matheson), Nike’s human resources director, recently publicly acknowledged that the company’s personnel management has been flawed, especially in the recruitment and promotion of more women and ethnic minorities. Next, Nike will take measures to improve the proportion of these two groups in top management positions.

“We share the latest salary and the representative data of the first public vice president level. These results indicate that we need to accelerate the upgrading of the number of women and minorities in the leadership of the company, “Monique Ma Sen said in a statement.

Some former Nike employees describe the company culture as “Boys Club (men’s Club)”. The public information shows that although the proportion of male and female employees in Nike is quite similar, only 29% of the company’s hundreds of vice presidents are women. In the US headquarters, only 16% of the vice presidents are non white.

Nike bought two companies in a month

Less than two weeks after buying the consumer data analysis firms Zodiac, Nike announced yesterday that it had taken the human scanning company Invertex, but Nike said the amount was not disclosed, but Nike said the acquisition of the company would help the brand better develop innovative products.

Last May, according to media news, Invertex announced the launch of a new foot 3D scanning software, FeetID Ecosystem, last May to solve the problem of customer experience differences in physical stores and online footwear products. Traditionally, if customers choose online shopping when they buy shoes, then it is impossible to try on them before placing the order, which may bring a high risk of return. FeetID Ecosystem takes terminal services to terminals, providing precise solutions through AI and 3D technology. Add digital technology supplement to the store, improve customer’s confidence and shopping conversion rate.

At the end of March, Nike announced the acquisition of Zodiac, and Nike group’s chief digital officer, Adam Sussman, said the deal meant that Nike would further accelerate the digital transformation and enhance data analysis capabilities to provide better services to global consumers.

In addition, it is reported that Nike will work closely with 40 retailers in the future, including retailer Foot Locker and Nordstrom, Amazon, luxury fashion shopping platform and 1 billion – month active users.

Nike’s marketing policy in China

Around the goal of increasing profit margins, Adidas headquarters in Germany has been doing quite a lot recently. It is expected that the Chinese market will be added again. According to its earnings report, in 2017, Adidas group Greater China earned 3 billion 789 million euros, an increase of 3 billion 10 million euros compared to 2016, the most 25.9% of all markets.

Kasper R rsted, the chief executive of Adidas group, said the potential of China’s market business is far more than the above growth. He thinks the population is four times China’s population and will have 16 times the potential for growth in the future. For now, the growth rate of China’s market is in a long-term, steady and high growth. The recent strength of products in the North American market is mainly due to the downturn of competitors, but from a historical perspective, it is not sustainable.

To this end, Adidas announced a new Asia Pacific market plan and its headquarters in Shanghai, and appointed Gao Jiali, the managing director of the Adidas group, as managing director of Adidas Asia Pacific region, leading the integrated Asia Pacific market and managing the Greater China, Japan, South Korea and the Southeast Asia / Pacific region.

Nike’s Gender Discrimination

In fact, April 10th is the annual Equal Pay Day in the United States, which means that women have to work on this day to catch up to a year’s wages for men.

In 2017, data from Fortune Magazine showed that in recent years, the salary of women increased. In the US dollar, the average salary of men and women was 1:0.82. The United States equal pay for Work Act came into effect in 1963, which accounted for 1:0.54. Although the pay gap between men and women is decreasing, the gap between 20% is still large.

Lean In, a public welfare organization, was founded by Facebook Sheryl, chief executive officer of Cheryl Sheryl, and is concerned about the development of global women. Including sports brand Reebok, taxi application Lyft and daily chemical giant cleaning company, a large number of enterprises participated in this year’s “20 Percent Counts” activities.

“Narrowing the gender income gap is the basic fairness,” said Cheryl Sandberg, the founder of Lean In. So this year, Lean In worked with big companies in more than 40 cities in the United States to raise a question to consumers – what would you do if you paid you less than 20% of the salary?

Nike is very active in AI

Nike, a sports shoe and apparel company, has heard from Israel that it has acquired a Invertex company specializing in 3D body scanning in Israel.

As a leading computer vision company, Invertex is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the acquisition should continue to strengthen the digital technology and talent reserves of Nike (Nike) so as to gain more valuable innovative ways for consumers.

In the future, the Invertex team will work to create breakthroughs and help Nike serve millions of members worldwide.

“The acquisition of Invertex will enhance Nike’s digital talent accumulation and enhance the ability of digital innovation. With the help of computer vision and AI, we will create the most noticeable consumer experience for us. Nike chief digital officer Adam Sussman said to the outside world.

David Bleicher, chief executive of Invertex, believes that the relationship between Nike and consumers, and the understanding of consumers, is incomparable, and Invertex will help Nike to improve its ability.

Why does Nike want to buy a technology company?

To put it simply, what Invertex does is to use 3D technology and AI technology to provide users with online scanning volume guide shopping. According to the data, the company was founded in 2014 and received a $2 million seed wheel financing in April 2017. The leader was the early fund OurCrowd First under the OurCrowd of the Jerusalem stock venture capital venture company. The international fashion retail group Permoda and some other famous angel investors were also involved in this round. Capital.

According to the founder of David Bleicher, the program is designed to help users get more comfortable shoes online. “Online consumption is very common, but shoes are usually less than 10%, and many people buy shoes on the Internet are not very beautiful, not fit, return is very troublesome.”

One important reason: Although there is a shoe code for reference, but the shoe code itself is not standardized, even if a particular brand, there will be two different 10 yards of shoes, even you will find that different types of shoes, different brands will make you doubtful of the number of your own. Therefore, Invertex is based on online modeling, so that we can recommend a suitable size for a pair of shoes to users.

Nike launches 16 pairs of sport shoes to pay tribute to NBA

The NBA regular season is officially closed today. As the top eight teams in the East and West are down, the 16 teams will attack the champion cup, regardless of the probability.

On the way to the championship, a team needs to win 16 victories, and these 16 games consist of numerous or rapture or heartbreaking moments. Sports brand Nike recently launched a Champion Think 16 series containing 16 pairs of classic basketball shoes after finishing the NBA regular season.

According to Nike’s official website, the 16 pairs of shoes included 14 pairs of commemorative money, representing the classic moments of the 14 players, including Kobe, James, Durant, Dr. J and Ray Allen, and the glorious Air Force 270 “Gold Standard”, and the two pairs of special commemorative tennis shoes representing the championship. A mysterious shoe representing the championship this year.

It is undeniable that the fan economy plays an important role in the sale of basketball products, and the audience’s consumption of basketball shoes is largely related to the story behind it. Nike has a deep origin with NBA, especially its signing or once signed NBA stars, which also gives Nike enough material to be used in product creativity, design and marketing.

The competition between Nike and rival Adidas has been intensified

Another quarter of the fiscal season has passed, and Nike is still weak in the North American base camp. What’s more, the company suffered the first quarterly loss in 20 years.

Recently, according to the third quarter financial report issued by Nike in the 2018 fiscal year, the group achieved $8 billion 984 million in revenue as of the third quarter of February 28th, a year-on-year increase of 7%, but the net loss reached $921 million in the period, and the net profit of 2017 in the fiscal year 2017 was $1 billion 141 million. Among them, in the North American market, Nike’s three quarter revenue fell by 5.6% to 3 billion 571 million dollars. In China, Nike recorded an increase of 24.3% to 1 billion 336 million dollars in the quarter.

In response to a response to the deficit, Nike said the loss was mainly “because the United States issued a new tax reform bill in December 22, 2017 and an extra income tax expenditure of $2 billion in the third quarter,” the Nike group was up to 179.5% in the season and 13.8% in the 2017 fiscal year.